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07 May

At night, M'Dunda sometimes spars with Osh or gently nuzzles and trunk twirls with him.Children of teen mothers tend to perform worse in school than those born to older parents – they are 50% more likely to repeat a grade, are less likely to complete high school than the children of older mothers, and have lower performance on standardized tests. Your changes of becoming pregnant are always the same: 1 in 20. Once a woman is ovulating, she can become pregnant. Pulling out should not be the only form of birth control that you and your partner use. For those that have shorter cycles (or are irregular), you can ovulate during your period.This can happen even before your first period (since ovulation begins 14 days before your period). Sperm can also live in the body for up to 5 days, so if you ovulate within 7 days of having unprotected sex, chances are you could become a mom.Here we have the shows most shocking and disappointing moments of bad parenting. via Farrah is widely regarded by her fans as the worst mom in the show, once Farrah played the part of a tooth fairy for her daughter Sophia, so when Sophia went to sleep Farrah kept 0 on her nightstand.Who the hell gives 0 to a six year old for losing a tooth!?

Maci and friends took Bentley bowling, but Bentley didn’t wanna play so Maci took him to the bathroom and spanked him.You will be shocked to hear the next story about horrible parenting, read on next page….The show mainly concentrates on how a mother is suffering.What they don’t show is how much are the kids suffering throughout the whole drama!