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27 Jan

That doesn’t mean we’re incapable of being satisfied spending our life in pairs, tuning into each other emotionally, living together, cooperating, and, yes, ACTIVELY SEEKING TO SATISFY EACH OTHER. I don’t believe that men are such abject losers that they can’t bear to be in the company of great women.

You have kicked ass and taken names for years and now you’re supposed to ACT LIKE YOU’RE LESS THAN YOU ARE just to get a man.

But in reaction to that, you’re entering into situations feeling conflicted and pissy and making assumptions that a guy is less than he is.

You’re going to assume here that I mean you’re an overbearing woman just because you’re successful.

You’ll assume that I’m adding you up and coming up with a negative stereotype of you. What I’m saying is that you are PREEMPTIVELY CONFLICTED about men because you hate this message you’ve heard all your life and you also hate feeling vulnerable.

” But at another, deeper level: People see each other clearly. They know when someone is afraid, and when someone is conflicted, and when someone is pretending.

They know when someone is suspicious or annoyed or sure that nothing will ever work out.

And as long as you’re going against the grain, gender-wise, the whole world is going to believe that you’re doing it wrong.