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18 Jan

And the Worldwide Church of God, behind these global enterprises, is altogether UNIQUE on the earth -- practicing, as it does, the revealed ways of the living Creator God, and for the first time in 18 ½ centuries, thundering His all-important Message of the way to World Peace over all continents of the earth.

I had never had any particular religious interest, and by age 18 I dropped out of Sunday school and church attendance. And above all, a willingness to confess error when proved, and to confess truth even against my own will.

I assumed, as probably do most, that the denominations of traditional Christianity had received their beliefs and doctrines from the Bible. Gradually, as these months of 12- to 16-hour days of study progressed, the real truth began to emerge. I did find absolute PROOF that the Creator, God Almighty, exists and RULES the universe.

I was shocked to discover not only that traditional Christianity taught contrary to the Bible -- that the Christian religion, with more adherents than any religion, did not, as I had supposed, get its teachings from the Bible, BUT that the Bible contained teachings and revelations of facts not known or taught by any religion. I began to see plainly, in the Bible, that what I had been taught from childhood was primarily the very opposite of what the Bible teaches in plain language! I found the MISSING DIMENSION in KNOWLEDGE -- what man is, why man was put on earth -- the PURPOSE for which we were made alive.

I found THE WAY that was set in living motion to CAUSE and produce PEACE, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE!

These globe-girding enterprises included the founding and operation of a co-ed college in the field of the liberal arts and humanities. Ambassador has dared to recapture the TRUE VALUES; to restore the most necessary MISSING DIMENSION in knowledge; to become a cultural character-building institution, concerned with moral, spiritual and ethical values as well as with the intellect.