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12 Mar

And men with huge amount of chest hair are treated as Superman and make the women lounging for sex. On the top of that the 45 years old bulging belly plays the charisma and leaves the Hindu teenagers sexually helpless, craving for the pious, generous, patriots, ant-SAFMA Islamists Muslim men.

This attracts cosmic and energy, and bestows the couple with prosperity and good health.

So, now you know why the elderly women in Hindu families put emphasis on applying sindoor.

They registered my profile on and reviewed many profiles there.

Read more My parents were searching a suitable match for me.

The festival of Lohri has always held a special place in the lives of newlywed couples.

Today this fuccker will tell you the reason why Hindu women especially 14-15 years teenagers are converting and marrying already married Muslim men.

Even Goddess Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva) and Sita (wife of Lord Rama), use to put sindoor in their hair partition.

It is believed that Goddess Parvati not only protects the husbands of all the married women who put sindoor, but also wards off any lurking evil.

From the day a woman gets married, this vermilion colour becomes a part of her entity.

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