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26 Jul

Starryeyes) and as such is not intended to demean or diminish the efforts and involvement of many other people from around the world, from average citizens to the powerful potentates that run this planet.

Burisch and his work fit into the Coverup, examining his life and the work he performed for the MJ-12 group (hereafter referred to simply as Majestic).

In fact, it will be argued that at least some of this work has been invaluable for the future of humanity.

Sadly, too, there are many in the ufological community that have attempted to ridicule, smear and otherwise attempt to discredit this man and his work.

They do a disservice to their own research and to the greater understanding of the public, who have been misled by the profiteers among them who would seemingly prefer to keep the discussion to saucer sightings and alien abductions.

No permission is given for publication, distribution or any other use of the scanned documents and related photos contained on this page, for any reason without written permission...which is easy to obtain - just use the contact button at the top of this page. It's odd that regardless of how many political leaders come and go; irrespective of the dominant political party or what global winds of change buffet our national security policies, one thing seems etched in stone - our government's stubborn refusal to address the question of intelligent extraterrestrial life in any meaningful way.The story truly begins with the 1947 flying saucer sightings, Roswell and related crashes of extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional craft in the late 1940s and early 50s.However, this particular saga will concern itself with how Dr.It would have little meaning, however, were it not for the efforts of the 'Ravens' who risked much to tell us of Secrets few have ever been privileged to know, and this account is dedicated to their efforts.On March 21, 2005, one of Americas preeminent microbiologists, Dr.Dan Burisch (nee Crain), Ph D, Majestic badge #H-6196-MAJ-E(ret) "officially" retired, albeit with emeritus status, once again and this time presumably permanently.This followed a previous 'retirement' on June 8, 2004, when he was "dissociated" from the public, and of course following his role as a negotiator at the Tau 9 Treaty Conference for the Preservation of Humanity.