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11 Feb

But are those bargains really as good as they seem? Half the time we're getting diddled by dodgy deals that are hardly any cheaper than they were to begin with.Nurofen's Express caplets cost £3.10 for 16, or £2 for the normal caplets, while a pack of unbranded Ibuprofen - the active ingredient of Nurofen - costs 40p.That's means at best Nurofen is five times more expensive; at worst, almost eight times.'Not for everyone': To be fair, this 9.99 app did say in the blurb that it had 'no hidden function at all' - but only those with more money than sense made the purchase.Apple pulled the app from sale after 24 hours when only eight had been bought But that’s exactly what the I Am Rich app did. Chances are you’ll splash out a fiver or more on a tub of popcorn to scoff during the film - and you won't think twice about it.

As a result manuka honey costs quite a bit more than your common or garden honey.You can get honey as cheaply as 29p for 100g, but manuka honey can cost as much as £25 for 100g.The best part, we'll let you try it free – But wait… We also have real live Fantasy Babes who specialize in making horny guys like you get off right over the phone.These babes are a sure thing – phone sex any way you want it. So check out local ladies in Live Chat or have 1-on-1 phonesex with the phone ladies you choose. In fact, even when you take into consideration the cost of overheads - salt, sugar, cooking, staff wages, ground rent, rates etc – the conservative estimate is that cinema popcorn sells at a staggering 1,275 per cent mark-up.Did you vote for your Britain’s Got Talent favourite this year?

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