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He was eventually caught by the Umayyads and executed.

Other famous students of Imam Jafar were Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik Ibn Anas, the founders of two Sunni schools of jurisprudence, and Wasil ibn Ata, the founder of the Mutazilite school of Islamic thought.

Imam Jafar was known for his liberal views on learning, and was keen to debate with scholars of different faiths and of different beliefs.

In addition to his knowledge of Islamic sciences, Imam Jafar was well educated in natural sciences, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, anatomy, chemistry (alchemy), and other subjects.

The foremost Islamic alchemist Jabir bin Hayyan was his most prominent student.

His family fled to Yemen, Jabir's father's profession may have contributed greatly to his interest in alchemy.After the Abbasids took power, Jabir went back to Kufa.Another group, reported by al-Nadim, says only The Large Book of Mercy is genuine and that the rest are pseudographical. Joining al-Nadim in asserting a real Jabir; Ibn-Wahshiyya ("Jaber ibn Hayyn al-Sufi ..on poison is a great work...") Rejecting a real Jabir; (the philosopher c.970) Abu Sulayman al-Mantiqi claims the real author is one al-Hasan ibn al-Nakad al-Mawili.He emphasizes the long history of alchemy, "whose origin is Arius ...